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About me


Hello my new future friend, luck knocked on your door today! 

                                YOU FOUND ME! 

My friends call Me Melody! .....and yes like a sultry Melody I will linger in your memories. Don't let yourself be fooled by my baby skin, my tone figure, and my childish face even though Iam already 35, Iam as complete as a Nuru Goddess can be. 

I'm have been honored as been part of  the Top 10 in Miami for Years and highly acclaimed in the Erotic Review by my bests of friends. Iam also proud of been a verified member of Preferred 411 for 13+ years.

In my normal life you will find me investing in Miami, and Broward real state, devoting myself to my company in the construction field, and enjoying my family and pets in my Miami Residence.

Iam as normal and casual as the lady you see shopping at Publix or reading a book in your local library, but there is a private side of me that begs for emotions and exciting experiences. This has guided me to master the art of alluring relaxation for many years with enough experience to write a book about it. But no I prefer to keep it secret among close doors with the aroma of nuru oil and Jasmine essential oils and your memory of me when you are gone.

Regarding my background Iam a little mix of Chinese, French, Spaniard and African backside, Exotic light skin Latina with European features accompanied of natural blonde hair and hazel eyes in a curvy Amazonian(no long legs, not a model, not a gym bimbo) figure and natural proportions in a tiny package of complete enjoyment.  Nothing enhanced, nothing artificial all created by nature and ready to share all my eloquence with you. My gaze awaits..... Don't walk start running!


P.S Even though Iam super cool, open-minded, down to earth, and sensual between close doors, in Real life Iam a company owner, investor (Have properties in Miami, Coral springs and Delray for your convenience) and a professional woman. Iam usually driving due to my real life job so outcalls are not a problem. With some time to plan I can visit you as I have projects pretty much everywhere. Remember as I respect your privacy Iam grateful you respect mine, text or email and try not to call as many times I have employees or family next to me and I won't be able to answer. I will always welcome a polite introduction through text or email. Be smart and don't jeopardize our future friendship calling too much. I don't want clients I want good, respectful, adventurous friends keep that in mind. Any Gratitude you bring to the consultation will be used solely for my future investments. I dislike the use of any illegal pharmaceuticals or chemicals enhancers. Don't be shy if you have handicap needs (Iam the sweet and caring kind) I welcome all kind of individuals to my circle of friendship, sensuality and good energy. Until our moons align.....

Nuru Goddess
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